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A photographer and poet travel to the four corners of Manchester, set up a makeshift studio and invite passers-by to be photographed. The result is Shooting the Breeze by Linda Chase and Len Grant, a slide show/poetry reading and also a small book.

The book itself can be ordered from

A sample of Shooting the Breeze, the slide show/poetry reading is below. Photos from a performance can be seen here.

Shooting the Breeze, the book, can be viewed by clicking on the following image

If you would like to book the slide show/poetry reading performance (one hour for all 44 images and poems, or a shorter version), please contact Linda or Len

Shooting the Breeze was completed during the time Linda was Poet in Residence for the Didsbury Arts Festival. The first performance took place on 1 October 2010 as part of the festival.

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